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Mechelle Esparza- Harris is a lifelong advocate for the education, safety and welfare of children and young adults. From serving on the Board of Directors for Coordinators 2, an adoption agency, tutoring children at risk for failing in the Richmond and Henrico Virginia school system to being a Court Appointed Special Advocate serving the Henrico County Domestic and Juvenile Court System, she has a passion for ensuring if given the chance, she makes a positive imprint on a young person’s life.

As a creative writer, she has written several poems and received the Editor’s Choice Award for Outstanding Achievement in Poetry awarded by The National Library of Poetry. Her tween books have been selected for the APOOO Listamania, finalist for the Brown Bookshelf, city library young adult programs and college summer reading programs. Her work career has included being a flight attendant for Delta Air Lines to working for over twenty-six years in commercial underwriting and risk management for both an insurance company and governmental agency.

Mechelle holds a BA degree from Hampton University in Mass Communications with a minor in Journalism, an associate in risk management and underwriting & has received certifications from University of Richmond’s mini-MBA program and VCU’s Virginia Risk Control Institute in conjunction with Virginia’s Department of Risk Management and Human Resources.

She absolutely loves being a wife, mother, daughter, sister, friend and aunt to a host of nieces, nephews and non-biological children she calls her own including her four-legged pups and grand pups. Her personal quote and mission is to show how the principles of Love can positively impact decisions and the way we live.


On a quest to find the reason behind so many religions and the division between Catholics and Baptist, Mechelle ventured into the wonders of world religions, their differences, but most importantly, their similarities, each of which are founded in the principles of Love.


Mechelle is a versatile artist who works in various mediums, from oils and acrylics on canvas to colored pencils, collaged works and art markers. The piece, “Live, Love, Laugh,” represents the iconic words on the backdrop of an urban subway wall depicting how love, laughter, and living can stand out, even in darkness. The piece was created in 2012 using oil crayons on board.

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The Love Note

East Grandell's Sage

Love When It's Rough

Love When It's Rough

Release date: June 21 2023

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